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Traveling During Pregnancy: The Do\’s and Don\’ts

Whether you plan to travel by air, train, automobile, or even boat, there are some precautions you must take if you are pregnant in order to ensure that both you and the baby are safe. Traveling during pregnancy can often be a risky feat, which is why you should always discuss your travel plans with your doctor first.

So, is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

Doctors state that traveling during pregnancy is safe, especially before the first trimester. This is as long as you follow certain measures. This article is here to break these measures down for you in simple dos and don’ts of traveling during pregnancy.

The Dos of Traveling During Pregnancy

Do Get a Release from Your Doctor Beforehand

Most doctors encourage traveling before 36 weeks of pregnancy. Otherwise, the risks of complications or birth en route become increased. Most airlines also require a clearance from your OB/GYN beforehand.

Do Take Protective Measures against Mosquito-Borne Diseases

When traveling to foreign areas, it is recommended that you take protective measures against mosquito-borne diseases, such as zika and malaria. These can lead to other risky diseases for pregnant women, including the dengue virus, yellow fever, and more. Hence you should nets, apply mosquito repellants, and wear protective clothing.  

Do Stay Hydrated

Not only should you drink plentiful water while traveling, but also empty your bladder every time you need to. Both dehydration and a full bladder can lead to pre-birth contractions, which are quite risky when traveling.

Do Invest in Proper Pregnancy Gear

You should also avoid wearing tight clothing and instead wear compression socks, support stockings, and loose, comfortable clothing. Additionally, you should invest in gear that will make your traveling easier, such as roller bags, backpacks, and duffel bags.

The Don’ts of Traveling During Pregnancy

Don’t Indulge in Risky Activities

It can be easy to get caught up and want to do every activity on your cruise ship or at the theme park. However, before riding that ride or committing to any leisurely activity, you should read and consider the risks involved.

Don’t Slather on Sunscreen

Although it is safe to apply mineral or chemical sunscreens on sun-exposed skin, it is recommended to not overdo it as that may get absorbed and become toxic for the fetus. You should use sunscreen with SPF30 since it is safe for pregnant women.

Don’t Stay Still

Whichever transportation model you are using to travel, you should take time to stretch your legs if you are sitting for long hours. You should get up and walk around as frequently as possible to encourage blood circulation and prevent swelling.

Don’t Get Paranoid

Lastly, you should try not to get too paranoid when traveling during pregnancy. There’s a lot to be concerned about. However, every woman does it. As long as you take the necessary precautions and indulge in safe activities, you should not have much to worry about!

Make an Appointment with a Health One Family Medicine Provider

Now that you know all the necessary tips and precautions for traveling during pregnancy, you must also understand how important it is to discuss with your doctor before making travel plans. Get in touch with an OB/GYN or a provider from Health One Family Medicine, which is committed to providing the best care for their patients. To book an appointment, visit or call (469)262-5762 today!

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