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Common Winter-Related Illnesses

While winter may be a time of joy and merriment of the holidays, it also is one of many illnesses. Did you know that more people get sick over the holiday season than at any other time of the year?

When you think about it, this comes as no surprise. All the late-night parties, excessive indulging in food and drinks, bad weather, and the dent in bank balances can take a toll on our bodies and minds.

Here’s a list of the most common winter season diseases you should know about and how to take preventive measures against them, so you can smoothly ease into the festivities.

1.   The Common Cold

This mild viral infection becomes quite prevalent during the wintertime. It leads to runny noses, cough, sore throat, and even a sinus infection. Keeping yourself hydrated, resting, and taking the right medication will help overcome the illness in a week or two.

2.   The Flu

The more severe kind of the common cold, the flu, can be quite difficult to manage. While the two symptoms are quite similar, the flu can be much more intense and lasts for longer. It also includes achy joints. Moreover, the flu is quite dangerous for the elderly as well. Taking the flu shot ahead of time can prevent and/or lessen the symptoms of the flu.

3.   Dry Skin and Eczema

Individuals, who have normally dry skin or suffer from the chronic disease of eczema, may notice flare-ups becoming more intense during the wintertime. The skin, as a result, becomes very dry, itchy, and red. Remember to moisturize regularly, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods, sleep with a humidifier, stay hydrated, and get some Vitamin D.

4.   Hangovers

The holidays are the time when we feel the merriest and when drinking becomes more prevalent. As a result, so do hangovers. This is why it is important to alternate each glass of alcohol with water to keep your body hydrated and avoid drinking on an empty stomach or drinking excessively so as not to cause strain on your liver.

5.   Indigestion

It is a normal occurrence to overindulge in food over the holidays. However, this can lead to negative consequences, including heartburn, chest pain, tightness, and nausea. Over-the-counter medication and natural remedies can help with indigestion.

6.   Achy Back and Joints

A leading cause of injury and pain in individuals during the wintertime is back, and joint aches. This is due to several reasons, such as heavy shopping, decorating the house and tree, playing with kids, cooking lots of food, consuming too much alcohol and sugar. You should keep your back straight when lifting, take help when decorating, and avoid alcohol and sugar.

7.   Christmas Tree Syndrome

This is an allergic reaction that is quite common in many people. It can lead to a runny nose, watering eyes, coughing, and even asthma. It is caused by the mold sitting in Christmas trees. Opting for an artificial version of the Christmas tree can prevent these symptoms.

8.   Seasonal Affective Disorder

Lastly, another common winter-related illness is seasonal affective disorder, also known as the ‘winter blues.’ Symptoms include feeling depressed, irritated, and excess or lack of eating and sleeping, and more. If you feel particularly low, it might help to talk to someone, especially a professional.

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