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6 Ways to Maintain Good Oral Health

A wise soul once said, “The mouth is the window for the health of the body.” It’s true – most diseases manifest themselves through the mouth. For this reason, maintaining good oral health and hygiene is very important for your well-being. People who face dental problems go through a lot of pain because they’re unable to maintain good oral health.

The human mouth has more than 500 unique sorts of bacteria. If you do not control the production of these harmful bacteria, you risk harming your framework and catching diseases. This blog will discuss ways to maintain good oral health so you are safe and protected. Let’s get started.

6 Ways to Maintain Good Oral Health

1. Brush Properly

The biggest mistake most people make without even realizing it is brushing improperly. The way you brush is very important. A poor job of brushing your teeth is almost as bad as not brushing them at all.

To brush your teeth properly, do not rush. Take your time. Move your brush gently in a circular motion to exclude plaque. Plaque that stays behind can lead to calculus buildup and early gum disease known as gingivitis.

2. Always Brush before Bed

The general recommendation is to brush at least twice a day. Yet, many of us continue to ignore this recommendation and do not brush our teeth at night.

Please make it a habit to brush your teeth before you go to bed. This will help you get rid of the plaque and germs that gather in your mouth throughout the day and cause tooth decay.

3. Treat Flossing as Important as Brushing

Another big mistake many people make is neglecting to floss. Flossing is not just for removing the little pieces of food that may be stuck between your teeth. It is a way to stimulate your gums, reduce plaque, and help lower inflammation.

However, young children and older adults with arthritis might find flossing difficult. Rather than giving up, help them look for tools that make it easy for them to floss their teeth such as ready-to-use dental flossers available at drugstores.

4. Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

When buying toothpaste, most of us look for one with exceptional whitening and cleaning powers and yummy flavors. Regardless of which toothpaste you choose, you must ensure that it contains fluoride if you want healthy teeth and gums.

Fluoride is a mainstay substance when it comes to oral health. This is because it prevents tooth decay. It works by fighting germs that can lead to decay and also provides a protective barrier for your teeth.

5. Limit Sugary Foods and Drinks

What is the biggest culprit of tooth decay? Sugar!

Sugar transforms into acid inside the mouth and this acid can erode the enamel of your teeth, leading to tooth decay. Teas, coffee, and acidic fruits can wear down the tooth enamel. Eating many sugary foods such as desserts, candies, chocolates, and ice cream can also harm your teeth. While you certainly don\’t have to avoid sugary foods and drinks altogether, one of the ways to maintain good oral health is to be mindful of your sugar consumption.

6. Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

While your daily habits are crucial to your oral health, even the most dutiful of brushers and flossers should see a dentist regularly.

You should visit your dentist for a checkup at least two times a year. Not only can a dentist remove plaque and look for tooth decay, but they can also spot and diagnose potential oral issues and offer treatment solutions.

If you are struggling to maintain good oral health, reach out to a healthcare provider at Health One Family Medicine today. Call on (469)262-5762 to schedule an appointment with us or visit our website for more details.

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