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4 Healthy Activities for Seniors

Physical activity can offer older adults numerous health benefits. These include controlled blood sugar levels, better glucose management, enhanced flexibility, and weight loss. Moreover, going with an activity you like will help you reap these rewards sooner rather than later.

However, physical activity during old age should be treated with caution. So, while activities such as yoga, dancing, and walking might benefit older adults, it doesn\’t mean you go all out and perform these exercises at high-intensity levels. You\’ll end up doing more harm than good!

Furthermore, at this age, you will also have to monitor your blood sugar and cholesterol level before and after physical activity and drink plenty of water. With that in mind, here are a few health activities for older adults that provide numerous health benefits!

Weight Training

Building lean muscle mass through resistance training and weight lifting is important for older adults, especially those with type 2 diabetes. This is because it becomes more challenging to keep glucose levels consistent when you grow older and start to lose muscle mass.

However, weight training doesn\’t necessarily mean lifting heavy, big weights. Instead, it is about putting your body through its paces via medium to low-intensity resistance and weight training exercises. For instance, resistance bands and light free weights help you get excellent results.


Yoga aims to improve your body\’s balance, strength, and flexibility via soft, flowing stretches and poses. It encourages a connection between the mind and body and lessens tension.

Building muscle can help older adults with high blood glucose levels, diabetes, and arthritis. For example, three-chair yoga is another one of the many healthy activities for older adults suffering from mobility issues. At the end of the day, yoga is an extremely versatile physical activity. It can be adjusted to your pace according to your age and fitness level.


People think of dancing as only a hobby. However, it works out your body the same way as any other type of physical activity. The only difference here is that you\’re having fun while enjoying the benefits of exercise.

So, if you\’re an older adult with two left feet, another one of the many healthy activities for older adults is dancing. Your brain is stimulated by choreographed dance, which can do wonders for your memory. Furthermore, chair dancing is an entertaining and safer option if you have restricted mobility.


A tried and tested mainstay in the physical fitness industry is walking. People of all ages can enjoy walking and take advantage of its numerous benefits, let alone older adults.

Walking causes your heart to beat more vigorously, improving your cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity to bond with your friends and family members.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to physical activity at an old age, consider starting at a low pace. Go for an easy physical activity like walking in the park. However, once you get the hang of it, slowly increase your intensity levels or move on to harder exercises. At this age, the more active you are, the healthier you\’ll be!

Furthermore, don\’t forget to contact Health Once Family Medicine by visiting or calling (469)262-5762 before starting any physical activity!

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