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3 Physical Activities To Improve Your Health 

There is no doubt that the gym might be overwhelming, especially if you\’re not a serious exerciser and just want to focus on improving your overall health and well-being. So, what physical activities are best for you? How will you get your daily dose of physical activity as an adult?

Of course, lifting weight, walking on the treadmill, or hitting the stationary bike will get you up and running. However, some of the best physical activities don\’t require gym equipment. In fact, these exercises can work the same magic that a treadmill or free weight does. So, on that note, here are a few physical activities adults can try to improve their overall health and well-being without straining their bodies.


Walking is one of the best and simplest physical activities adults can try without overburdening themselves. This could be a walk in your local park or on the treadmill. The choice is yours! At the end of the day, it has various benefits, including lowered risk of heart disease, blood pressure regulation, improved mood, age-related memory loss, and much more.

All you need are a pair of good walking shoes, fifteen to thirty minutes of free time, and open space. However, it would be wise to start slow and walk for only 10 to 15 minutes at a low pace for the first few weeks. After you build up your stamina, you can increase your walking time to around 30 to 45 minutes or even more. 

Strength Training

Strength training is one of the best physical activities adults can try to improve their overall health and well-being. Of course, strength training doesn\’t always mean hitting the gym and lifting weights. In fact, you can just use your body weight! Furthermore, strength training isn\’t similar to weight training. When performing strength training exercises, you lift lightweight but with more reps.

Free up around 30 to 40 minutes from your busy schedule. Then use this time to do various bodyweight exercises such as pushups, triceps dips, lunges, squats, etc. But, ensure that you start with fewer reps, around 6 to 8 per exercise. When you build strength, increase your reps to 15-20 per exercise. These bodyweight exercises will help you build muscle and strength while decreasing overall body fat.


There is no doubt that swimming is one of the best physical activities adults can try without overstraining their bodies. After all, when you go for a quick swim, your body is supported by water\’s natural buoyancy. Such a thing relieves pressure from your joints, allowing you to walk and run more freely.

In fact, swimming is an excellent exercise for adults with recurring muscle and joint problems because of its extremely low-impact nature. Ultimately, it will help you burn a ton of calories and tone your body quickly!

Wrapping Up

This wraps up our list of physical activities adults can try to improve their overall health and well-being. Of course, before you incorporate these exercises into your daily routine, it would be a good idea to visit your primary care physician to ensure you get the all-clear. Once you do, nothing will stop you from getting the physique of your dreams, even if you\’re an adult!

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