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You snooze, you win!

Do you feel lethargic and slow? Almost like you can’t comprehend what’s going on around you for a good while? Are you particularly dependent on you first couple cups of coffee to properly wake up and face the day?

If yes, then it’s not just Monday blues that are lasting pretty much the entire week for you. You, my friend, are seriously lacking adequate sleep.

Every single one of us, from little children to us adults, pay very little importance to sleep. We’re always more concerned with other things, for children it’s mostly playing games, or studying, for us, well it’s a different story altogether. However, unbeknownst to a majority of us, the quantity as well as the quality of sleep plays an essential role in our health. Not only does it affect our mental and emotional well-being, a serious lack of sleep can be particularly damaging for our physical health as well.

Here are a few, very common, but surprising benefits of good sleep:

Sleep helps Your Keep Those Pounds off

Poor or short durations of sleep are one of the most prominent risks of obesity. We can bet that you didn’t know that. People who don’t ensure that they get adequate amounts of shut-eye at night are far more likely to gain weight – if you aren’t sleeping well it’s likely even the minimal amounts of calories are making you pack on the pounds. Sleep well and longer for a fitter, healthier you.

For Improved Focus, Concentration and Productivity – Sleep

Lack of sleep can make you groggy. It’s been extensively researched that people who truly ensure that they get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night are far more awake and alert during their business hours. That’s not all; they are able to accomplish a greater amount of work in a shorter amount of time. Increased productivity, anyone? Oh and a side benefit, good sleep also improves your memory because the brain essentially reinforces and strengthens your skills or memories while you gain your rest.

Searching Athletic Prowess? Sleep

Are a serious athlete, striving for greatness, and yet you just can’t seem to perform as well as you hope to? Chances are you aren’t sleeping properly. It’s been discovered that athletes who enjoy better quality sleep show significant improvement in their speed, reaction time, accuracy and overall performance.

In case you’re concerned that you’re not feeling well despite getting adequate amounts of rest on a daily basis, we’d suggest you visit your primary health care physician at once to rule out other health concerns. To set up an appointment at Health One Family Medicine for a consult with Dr. Parikh call 469-262-5762, or visit for more information.