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The Obesity Epidemic: Prevent It in Your Children

Are you worried about your child’s eating habit? Do you think they might cross the obesity line? Is your constant nagging becoming ineffective?

Over the last decade, obesity has become a grievous health issue in America. The obesity rates among children are getting double with time. Obesity is a non-contagious epidemic that spreads among children of all ages. If nothing is done about it, it eventually leads to health problems like lethargy, weak bones, and heart diseases.

That is why it is only reasonable that you worry about your kids. However, ‘healthy eating’ is not a phrase that appeals to the young ones. This is because switching from a fast food-loving lifestyle to a plate of bland green veggies is not easy.

What do you do then? Give up?

Certainly not! As a concerned parent, you will never consider this option. Rather you would be willing to scold, beg and pull your children to the greener side.

However, coaxing can only get you through one day. In order to make lifetime amendments, you need to change your strategy.

Here are a few subtle ways to lure your kids towards a healthy lifestyle:

1. Follow My Lead

Admit it; their unhealthy eating habits might also reflect your poor choices.

This is why you need to ‘practice what you preach.’ Show the children that any eating rule you impose on them is applicable to you too. You never know, they might start eating the fruits and vegetables because you do.

2. The Subtle Art of Deception

Your kids might eat junk food outside but you rule the kitchen at home.

Use this power to influence your cooking style. Try to gradually change the menu to be healthier than before.

You can do this by:

  • Getting leaner cuts of meat
  • Incorporating vegetables in most of your gravies, sauces, and pasta
  • Dropping processed food
  • Making food from scratch
  • Reducing the amount of food you fry
  • Introducing a fruit basket and ditching the cookie jar

3. Get out and About

Encourage the children to play outside by taking them to the park or adding a swing set in your garden. If you can afford it, join a club where they can participate in physical activities.

You may also:

  • Have an exercise session with them every morning
  • Get them to join a sports team
  • Bike with them around the block

4. Unplug Them

 Research has shown that sedentary lifestyles are a major contributor to obesity.

Most of us have made TV dinners a regular house habit. What we don’t realize is that when we are engrossed in watching the screen, our brain forgets about monitoring the plate. Hence, you tend to eat more while watching something than when you sit at the dining table.

You can make the kids leave their digital companions by getting them to take up a sport. Additionally, start eating all your meals at the table.

Old habits die hard. Therefore, you need to take small steps towards the big healthy change.

Are you ready to give these tips a try?