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How to Beat the Texas Heat

When one thinks of summers, we all imagine trips to the beach, cooling off by a pool or enjoying margaritas and iced tea. But as much as we all wait for it to begin, it has a gnarly side too –especially if we were to talk about the Texas summer. There are those days when the temperature continues to rise, making the atmosphere barely breathable without tons of sweating. But because we can’t spend all day indoors in air-conditioned rooms, here are some great ways to beat the heat without dropping a sweat. 

1.    Stay hydrated:

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise, the more your body sweats, the more dehydrated you become. Make it a habit to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of any liquid to prevent dehydration.

2.    Wear loose-fitting clothes:

It is best if you ditch your tight clothes for loose-fitting dresses or casual shirts and shorts. Cotton is the best pick as it keeps the body from sweating excessively and is breathable. You can even damp one piece of cloth to keep your body’s temperature low.

3.    Avoid wearing darker shades:

Darker shades of clothes retain both light and heat which is why when you wear one in the peak of summer, you are going to sweat more. Switch them with lighter shades such a whites, pastels, or other lighter shades so that you stay cooler.

4.    Take smaller meals throughout the day:

Heavy meals during daytime when the temperature shoots off the radar will only leave you bloated and sweaty. Why? It is because your digestive system will have more to digest and break down leading to a slow metabolism and making you feel full.  

5.    Wet your wrists:

If you are draining with sweat and want some instant relief, try wetting your wrists. This brings down your body’s temperature as the pulse point is chilled.

6.    Switch off electrical items:

Nearly all electrical appliances and fixture such as lights and electrical bulbs emit heat. Try keeping most of them off during the Texas heat wave season to have a relatively cooler home to spend your time in.

7.    Take a shower:

Any contact with water is going to cool you down. Why? It is because the touching of water on your skin simulates evaporation. When out of the shower, don’t completely towel-dry yourself. Leave your body mildly damp and relax by a ceiling or pedestal fan.

8.    Lay low:

If you live in a two-story house, try spending most of your time in the lower section as hot air rises. If it in a one-story home, try setting up your bed close to the ground to avoid most of the heat.