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5 Essential Steps to Better Health

It’s common perception that in order to achieve optimal health, one has to spend exorbitant amounts of money. However, that is definitely not the case. The journey to better health, though different as it may be, is far simpler and easier for every single one of us. Here are 5 essential steps for a better, healthier you:

Prioritize Rest

The first thing you should to in order to streamline your health is prioritize the amount and quality of rest that you take. Quit forgoing sleep for other ‘more important’ things. There really is nothing more important in life than ensuring you get good quality sleep at night. And for that to be possible, you have to relax first.Pause your busy life for a while and just give yourself the time to unwind.

Make More Conscious Eating Choices

You really are what you eat. If you consume more preserved foods, with high MSG, sugar, or salt content, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. For better health it’s important to eat well. We don’t mean go to the extreme and cut out essential food groups from your diet altogether – absolutely not. Rather, we highly recommend that you create a happy balance in the different types and amount of food groups you consume. A healthy diet is rich in healthy proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats. Make more conscious eating choices, don’t leave things out- and once in a while if you really crave something, indulge yourself with a treat.

Minimize Stress

Stress is by far the worst possible disease one could suffer from. It manifests itself in ways you cannot even imagine. To live a better, healthier life, it’s essential that you recognize the causes of stress in your life and strictly reduceyour involvement in whatever it is.Limit your exposure to highly stressful environments as much as you possibly can. Better yet, focus your energies on activities that interest you and take your mind off of the worries that plague you on a daily basis.

Improve Physical Fitness

Our physical fitness level says quite a bit about our overall health. Physical activity and exercise is not just to keep us in shape, and looking our best though. Endorphins or the happy hormones released when we exercise do much to boost our overall energies and keep us going better, healthier and stronger, for a longer period of time.You don’t have to overdo it and enroll yourself to the most expensive gym either to improve your fitness. Going for quick 15 or 20 minute walk out in the fresh air does the job quite well.

Connect With Your Primary Care Physician

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your health is to connect and keep in touch with your primary healthcare physician. It is highly recommended that you get a complete physical to eliminate the possibly of any health concern, and know where you stand with your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You can set up an appointment with Dr. Parikh for a complete physical, either online by visiting or you can call at 469-262-5762.