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5 calcium-rich foods

We have all been told about the importance of calcium since our childhood. A glass of milk in the morning and at night was often mandatory because our growing bodies needed it.

Calcium is indeed an essential mineral for the bones and teeth, and it sets the foundation for a healthier life ahead. Having weak bones can result in osteoporosis, arthritis or other bone related problems earlier on if one doesn’t get their required daily dose of calcium. You can take calcium in the form of pills if you want but it is always better to get it right from the source. 

Here are the top 5 foods that will cover your body’s calcium requirement:

  1. Milk

Let us not forget the go to calcium staple: milk. You can make drinking milk fun by adding fruits or flavorings to it if taking it on its own makes you uneasy. Add a table spoon of cacao powder and a teaspoon of honey and you are drinking pure calcium in a glass.

  1. Spirulina

This is a green algae that is harvested from under the sea. It has been known to be a nutritional powerhouse and is a superfood because of its high vitamin and mineral concentrations. Adding a tablespoon of Spirulina to a glass of water is a great alternative to drinking milk. It has more calcium than a glass of milk and is a great diary-free drink.

  1. Kale

This is a cruciferous vegetable and is similar to spinach but only stronger in terms of its nutritional benefits. It has a high amount of calcium. Just 1 cup of kale can provide you with 24% of your daily dose of calcium. Use it in salads, sandwiches and smoothies to enjoy the its benefits.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a green force to be reckoned with because besides fighting cancer and keeping the immune system strong, it provides a significant amount of calcium to our bodies. Have a cup of broccoli everyday as part of your meal; make broccoli soup or spicy stir-fry out of it.

  1. Almonds

Just when you thought that almonds are only good for the skin and hair, think again. They might not have a lot of calcium but are an easy food to munch on that will give you some good ol’ calcium along with vitamin E on the go.

Here’s to good health and strong bones!